Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Children in Europe

Creating a safer digital world for children throughout  the European Union

Project objectives

The euCONSENT consortium will put into live operation extensions to the eIDAS infrastructure required to deliver its vision for pan-European, open-system, secure and certified interoperable age verification and parental consent to access Information Society Services.

Our solutions will be designed with the help of Europe’s children and the guidance of the continent’s leading academic experts, NGOs and other key stakeholders in child rights and protections online.

The new system will then be used during a three-month pilot by over 1,500 children, adults and parents from at least 3 EU Member States. Their user experience will be independently evaluated to provide convincing evidence for these infrastructure solutions to be adopted across the Union, with hundreds of Europe’s kids already positioned as its most enthusiastic advocates to their peers, parents and policymakers.

euconsent - safe online

Core principles

  1. Children have the right to participate in a digital world to the fullest extent possible.
  2. Providers of digital services and content directed at children should have a robust, trusted framework to deliver high quality age appropriate materials.
  3. People with parental responsibility or guardianship of children should have confidence in the standards and framework to enable permissive content for their children.
  4. Adult services and content should not be available to children to access (intentionally or by accident), and illegal content should not be tolerated.
  5. The regulatory eco-system should encourage market solutions through a robust framework of accreditation, certification and interoperability across the European Union.



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