PPPA-AGEVER-01-2020: “Outline and trial an infrastructure dedicated to the implementation of child rights and protection mechanisms in the online domain”

PPPA-AGEVER-01-2020: “Outline and trial an infrastructure dedicated to the implementation of child rights and protection mechanisms in the online domain”

What is euCONSENT and what is the pilot testing?

euCONSENT is a European Commission funded project to create a digital process that tries to protect children better from harmful content on the internet. In some cases, children under 18 will not be allowed to enter websites that are only for adults. In other cases, younger children will need to get permission from their parents before they share any personal data with a website.

The aim of this ground-breaking system is to protect children from harm on the internet, particularly from age-restricted goods, content and services, while promoting their rights and access to internet.  By creating a network of companies who do age checks, we will also reduce the number of times anyone needs to verify their age when they are using the internet.

How are you storing my data and when will it be deleted?

As this is a test, none of your personal data will be stored after it is completed and we have finished reviewing how well it went – this will be no longer than 60 days after you use any part of the system.

You may be asked to share some personal data with one of the companies doing the age checks or arranging for children to get consent from their parent or guardian.  Each company will have its own Privacy Policy, which it must still follow, but in addition, any data they use in this test will still be deleted by the same 60 day deadline.

The system we are testing is a network – think of it as a collection of telephone wires connecting those different companies – so it does not need to store any personal data at all.

How many countries are involved?

There are 5 countries included in this initial pilot, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Greece and Cyprus. Eventually, it the network will be available to people in every member state in the EU.

Why is the UK a part of this project if they are no longer in the EU?

Many countries around the world apply age restrictions online, and the UK shares many laws with the EU, having been a member for many years, so it is sensible to create a network that can work in the UK as well as across the rest of Europe. (euCONSENT began when the UK was still part of the EU, and arrangements are still in place to continue to allow collaboration on research and development projects between the UK and EU organisations). 

What happens if I need help, for example, if I can’t complete the survey?

If you experience any problems during the completion of the survey, please contact

You can also send us a message here: How can we help?

Will I be informed of the results?

We aren’t planning on contacting the participants of the trial individually once it’s completed but the results will be published on the euCONSENT website later on in the project.

You are welcome to follow any updates by visiting  , our social media channels: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube or subscribe to our newsletter on euConsent website.

When will you finish testing euCONSENT and switch it on for everyone?

The aim is for euCONSENT to be introduced by the end of 2022.

How long will it take me to complete the test missions?

It should take you no longer than 30 minutes to complete the tasks in full.

When will I receive my reward?

You should receive your reward within a few weeks after you submit the questionnaire.

How many people are participating in this test?

We are planning to involve about 1600 people, including adults and children.

Can I start the missions and finish them later?

We advise you to complete the Missions within 4 hours of starting them.

I’ve received an error code, what do I do now?

Please contact to get advice on how to fix the problem.

I don’t want to participate anymore, how can I cancel my application?

You are welcome to withdraw from the pilot at any time. Please contact us as soon as you have decided not to participate so we can recruit someone else.

I would like to withdraw consent, who do I contact?

In case you want to withdraw your consent, you can send an email to from the email address that you used while registering your participation.

What are “cookies” and how do I remove them from my device after the test?

To save you time, when you do an age check or arrange parental consent, you will be asked if you want to save a record of it on your PC, tablet or phone so that we can use that check again easily in future.  We do this by leaving an electronic token – known as a “cookie” on your device. Only organizations which are part of the new network we are creating can recognize that cookie, and it will be meaningless to anyone else.

When you have finished the test,  if you follow the instructions you can find online if you search for “clear my cookies” and add which kind of device you are using e.g. “iPhone” or “Windows Laptop”, you will be easily able to remove the cookies on your device. There is no need to do this – and sometimes clearing all these cookies means you have to start again when logging into other websites so be prepared for that if you do clear them all.


Can you sell my data after the pilot has ended?

No –  we will not sell your data at all, nor share it with anyone else.  It would not be legal to do so.  And we will delete it within 60 days as we only need to use it for this test.

Are the websites I need to visit real?

No, we have created the websites specifically for this pilot. They are dummy websites that do not contain any material that is inappropriate for children, nor do they process personal data beyond what is needed for the test, and you cannot purchase anything from them.  Their names reflect the sort of sites that will need age restrictions – so sites selling alcohol and knives, social media and dating sites – but the content is all very simple and harmless just to allow us to make the test work.

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